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Natasha Kopp, 

Line Producer at Walk Disney Co

"I love working with Sara. She is fantastic. She has an amazing attention to detail and always impresses me with her vast knowledge of who's who. She is always prepared and on top of things. I count on her to meet deadlines and come up with perfect solutions. She never lets me down. She is confident, kind, professional, personable, reliable, and has a great sense of humor. She will excel at any task she is given and would be an asset to any team. Two thumbs up for this girl. Sara is a real treasure."

Daniel Ross,
(The voice of Donald Duck & more!)

"Sara's quick voiceover direction coupled with gobs of relevant industry experience was not only fun and insightful, but she offered me that one magic moment you always hope to find in a workshop, a creative epiphany of technique that has dramatically helped improve my character reads across the board.  Don't miss an opportunity to work with and be seen by her!"

Nick Terry,

Actor, Principal at Center & James Entertainment

"Sara KNOWS funny! If you're looking to "find your funny" in character voice over animation, I would highly recommend working with her! She is creative, she pushes you to the next level and finds a talent in you that you may not have known about. She brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and ideas; very supportive and responsive. I am very fortunate to have worked with her and hope to do so on a personal level to further my career and my talents!"

Mitch Eiven,

Actor, Film and Theatrical Production

"I recently studied voice over animation with Sara and I couldn't have been more satisfied. It's rare that you find a working, expert in the industry who is willing to carve time out of her busy schedule to offer practical, creative, effective training. Sara provide just that and more. I'm a seasoned performer and writer, but was quite new to animation voice over work. Sara, a working casting director at Disney, quickly introduced me to the medium. Her critiques and suggestions were kind, professional, honest and tremendously helpful. Sara provided a three lesson package that was reasonably priced. I now feel completely confident that I can successfully audition for animation VO work and/or voice characters for projects I write and produce. I live on the East Coast and Sara is located on the West Coast. The sessions were completed via Skype and there were no technical or communication issues. If you're considering animation VO coaching, don't think with Sara."

Marieve Herington

Actor, Executive Producer at Pleasant Events Productions

"I took some private coaching with Sara to "tune up" my animation skills. Then, about 2 months after studying with her, I had the opportunity to do a casting director workshop with another CD, and the sides assigned were audition sides I had actually read on the month before training with Sara. The feedback from this big CD was: "You don't sound read-y at all. 100% better than the last audition I heard from you. Very impressive". I went back to listen and compare them and it's true. 3 sessions with Sara, and it was a 3D character, not just some cute voice."

Camille Mana, 


"While many Casting Directors "teach", Sara Sherman can... TEACH. Her insights into Animation copy, coupled with strong awareness in how to communicate to the actor are an excellent combo. I have only had 3 instances of working with her thus far (audition prep, audition review, and one Zoom class), but have recommended her far and wide to others ranging from children and teens, to working adults with advanced resumes. She is a gem."

Shimire Foots


"There are a lot of talented coaches in the VO community. However, not many coaches can give proper feedback that will elevate their client’s performance as quickly and effectively like how Sara can. Finding ways her clients can improve their reads comes naturally to her. If you wish to improve your skills and take Animation seriously, working with Sara is the best way to go! "

Samuel Martinez,


“Sara is hands down an amazing instructor! I was nervous when attending her class. But, her kindness and creativity allowed me to see and feel voice over how it was meant to be. I learned a lot within just a few sessions. I’m honored to have worked with her.”

“One of my first coaches and AWESOME.”

Jessi Kennan,


Chelsea Ghasserani,


“ Honest, fun, real...Sara tells it like it is!”

Brooks Corley,


“ Very impressed and very fun.  Hope to do it again.”


Taking this moment to appreciate the timing and focus Sara just displayed on #VONworkshop for 3 hours(!) while I was merely watching and listening to great advice for #animation #VoiceActing — Some of that wisdom is going straight onto the studio wall. Cheers!

Daniel Calladine, @CalladineD

If you love Sara and would like to write a testimonial or review-- please send via the contact page. Thank you!

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