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upcoming workshops

I am the keynote speaker at the Mid-Atlantic VO "Get Inspired" Conference this upcoming November in Herndon, VA. Please click on the photo below for more info. I hope to see you there!

Who I work with...

Kids -- I work with a lot of kids ranging from 6-18 years old. My goal is to make it a collaborative effort. Far too often child actors are just told how to perform the lines and not asked for their thoughts. I work with the talent to figure out what they would like to accomplish and help them achieve that goal while also providing other options of how the line could be performed. They will have choices and be asked for their feedback. Child Services Performer Permit Holder.


Celebrities -  I work with a range of celebrities that have varying animation VO experience. Sometimes it is working on an audition and other times it is preparing for the actual booking. I'm very accustomed to working around busy schedules and offer a lot of flexibility with the times that we can work. 


VO Actors - I work with voice actors who are just starting out as well as talent who are looking to up their game. We discuss what they are looking to get out of each session and I help them reach those goals.


On-Camera Actors- I work with a lot of on-camera actors looking to add animation to their resume. We work on translating the physical into vocal and having their personality shine though and into the performance.

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