workshops & upcoming classes

Sara's workshops are on a first come first serve basis.

Youth Classes are limited to 10 participants with No Auditors.

Adult Classes are limited to 12 participants with unlimited auditors welcome!

Cost - $75 to participate and $40 to audit. (with the exception of the VO Intensive)


Workshops tend to fill up quickly so Sara encourages you to take up the opportunity to audit. Auditing is very beneficial as you'll get to hear feedback and insights from those those at the top of their field--giving you a leg up on achieving the best performance on your future auditions and VO endeavors. 

We know times are tough, so Sara is now reserving a few auditor spots for artists in need for all group classes she teaches. If you are struggling, please reach out to apply.

Please email with your name and specify the date(s) of the workshop you'd like to sign up for. 

If you are signing up a child please include your child's name and age. 


If you need a payment plan for any classes, please reach out. 

youth classes (ages 10-16) 

Coach the Coach with Sara Jane Sherman

Saturday April 17th

10am - 12pm PST 

Cost - $75 - participant team and $40 to audit 

Limited to 12 Participant Teams with Unlimited Auditor Spots Available!

This is the first time Sara is offering this as a class rather than a private lesson. Oftentimes auditions come in with an extremely fast turnaround and you don't have time to get coaching. Our goal is to teach parents how to help their kids through the audition.  This class is geared towards learning what casting directors are looking for and what the coach should listen for in a read. Both guardian and child are expected to attend. Parents will practice giving feedback to other children in the class. 

adult classes

Animation VO Intensive (Beginner/Intermediate)

with Sara Sherman

Saturday March 27th  

9:30-5pm PST 


*There will be a lunch break

Cost - $250 - participant FULL

          $100 - audit 

Limited to 12 Participants with Unlimited Auditor Spots Available!

A day long study of voiceover for animation. This class will be focusing on Nailing the audition and new ways to approach copy.

Sara Jane Sherman


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“Any workshop or class done with Sara should be considered a learning experience only and not an audition or guarantee of employment."