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"Audition sides can be written a couple different ways. They can be

just your character's lines of dialogue or they can be broken out into

a scene with other character lines included. When that happens, there are two BIG mistakes that I've heard all too frequently.

1) Sometimes people try to read all the roles in different voices.

This can actually hurt you, if you aren't doing an INCREDIBLE job at

it. I may be so distracted by all that is going on that I may miss out

on a terrific audition for the character you are ACTUALLY reading for!

2) People have readers that read the other the lines for them. That's

great...unless your reader outshines you. YES. I have heard a reader

do such an amazing job, that it made the person actually auditioning

pale in comparison.

Be the STAR of your audition and let the character you are reading for SHINE!"

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